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Plush Comparison + Gets + Question

Hey Guys, I Got The US Tomy plushes of Mudkip and Totodile and I took some pics of them with their Japanese counterparts. Also some cute gets.

Here they are. The Japanese Tomy is on the left and the US is on the right. As you can see the US Tomy is bigger (I really like the size of it) and is made of minky. The Japanese plush is made of a fabric that is very similar to minky but it is much more fluffy.

Other than the fabric and the size differences, I'd say that the US plush is just as well made as the Japanese. I'm not the type of collector who likes to have duplicates, but I don't think I can decide between the two of these guys. They are just too cute.

On to the Totodiles. Here we have the old Japanes Tomy on the Left and The new US Tomy still in the box. The major differences between these two are the size and the teeth. The Japanese Tomy has individual teeth made out of felt, and the US plush has teeth that are embroidered into the fabric of the mouth. The shiny thread used for the teeth on the US plush is a nice touch, but I prefer the felt teeth on the Japanese plush. The embroidered teeth look too flat for my tastes. The US plush is also a bit shorter with a wider head. The size difference may be a bit hard to see in the picture because of the box.

I don't plan on keeping the US Tomy, I prefer the look of the Japanese Totodile.

Now for some gets.
Photo on 2-25-15 at 10.32 AM
I've been getting more into pokedolls recently, and decided to snag these adorable guys for my collection. Rotom and Vanillite are so round and cute. I got my Subby plush around the time they first were released. The artwork on the tag made we want to get a Whimsicott pokedoll to be its buddy, but the pricetag on Whimsicott pokedolls scared me off a bit. I was finally able to win one on Y!J, I was the only one who bid on it.
Photo on 2-25-15 at 10.27 AM
My Turtwig also came in the mail with the others. I was surprised by how small it was, but I'm happy to have a complete set of Sinnoh Starters. I wish Chimchar's body was a bit more game acurate, but it's still great.

Also, A question I've been meaning to ask the plush collectors. What would be the dream official plush you wish would get made?
For me I really want Noibat and Noivern Pokemon Center plushes, I know they would be all kinds of amazing. I would also love to see New Tomy or Pokemon Center plush for Ivysaur Charmeleon and Wartortle, they always seem to get left out.

Thanks for looking at my post! Til next time.
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