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Collection weeding sales and offers, plus an important question

Hello everyone,

First I need to ask something important to me. Two week ago I missed two huge kids lot on Yahoo!Japan which both contained a clear Aerodactyl Kid (one of them was a lot of 200 brand new clear kids + a shiny Salamence). It's actually my main Grail research so please if somebody from the community won one of these lot I'd like to buy the clear Aerodactyl from you!

Still in the need to make more space into my room I decided to put some items for sales (sometimes it really broke my heart). There's some things wich used to be from my sides collections and other things I got from buying lots.
I would like to see everything go so please take a look !


Granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo
My feedback is located HERE(old) and HERE

- First person that commits to buy, got the item.
-I accept Paypal only.
-prices and payments in USD.
-Dont forget to add your LJ username and what you bought in paypal note before to pay.
- Payment must be made in 48 hours after the purchase.
- I accept trades If you have anything from my Wantlist

- I do ship worldwide (from France)
- Shipping from France is usually more expensive than from US it starts from $3.5 to $8 for envelopes and $15 for a box with tracking.
- I am not responsible for damages lost or stolen items in the mail.


Sceptile Pokedoll (2004 Japanese, tush tag only, excellent condition) Offers starts at $150
Blaziken Pokedoll (2005 American, creased tag, excellent condition) SOLD

Shiny Torchic Kids line, offers starts at $50
Shiny Treecko Kids line, offers starts at $40

Farfetch'd Banpresto MWT SOLD
Axew Banpresto MWT $12
Archen Tomy MWT $18
Torchic Banpresto MWT SOLD
Snivy Pokedoll MWT SOLD

Druddigon MPC MWT $10
Mandibuzz MPC (tush tag only) offers starts at $10
Kecleon Tomy (good condition) SOLD
Archen MPC MWT $8
Horsea Applause (good condition) SOLD

Zekrom overdrive Zukan $8
Lucario movie Zukan $10
Articuno Zukan (wrong peg) offers starts at $10
Blaziken movie Zukan offers starts at $10
Treecko line Zukan SOLD
Lucario DP Zukan $5

Rayquaza bottlecap $10
Lucario bottlecap SOLD
Snivy bottlecap SOLD
Zekrom clipping $3
Galvantula clipping SOLD
Tropius clipping $8
Mawile, Whimsicott and Dedenne fairy Ippai $5 each

Kids $2 each
Blaziken ThinkChip $8
Aerodactyl Mini Model, blue $5, clear $2 each

Chou Get $1 each (except Feebas and Milotic)
Feebas Chou, Milotic Chou SOLD
Feraligatr strap $7
Duckface Suicune strap SOLD

Turtwig Notebook $5

Setteis $5 each or $12 for the lot

FREEBIES (with handmade straps and keychains)
one per purchase or +$0.5 for each additional

Taken : Tyranitar, Lucario, both Torchic, Torterra , both Garchomp, Treecko, Riolu, Torterra

Thanks if you made it this far ! And sorry for the derpglish...

Tags: sales, wants
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