Syminka (syminka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sylveon/Eevee blanket for sale

I was driving through a different city for work and found an FYE. They had new Pokemon blankets that synysterxskittl posted about.


They are so pretty. And big! It covers my queen size bed. The blanket is more pastel colored, which is perfect!! So soft AHH!


They had 4 there. I bought one and thought I'd offer the other. It'd be $40 before shipping. (retail is $29 after tax, but the store is 45 minutes/60 miles from me. So I have to up it a bit) I have to drive back through tomorrow, so I can try to grab the others for you guys. There should be 2 left! Together we can all own da eevee goodness!! <3

You get a brand new/non opened one!

I also have an unpictured sleepy chespin and an umbreon and flareon mini puzzle for sale.
Other sales here: pokebox xharms, mega tomy, sylveon, etc!

Tags: eevee, pikachu, sylveon
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