spritzzie (spritzzie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Gets!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a good morning/afternoon/night! I got some stuff in the mail today and would like to show you! It's not as image heavy as my last post thankfully.

I had finally gotten my Pokebon Voyage book in the mail! I've been waiting for it for 3 months ;w;

Sorry if the pictures are blurry! I only have my phone for pictures!

All of the stuff is so nice and gorgeous! Here are some close ups of some things.

I'm so happy I pre-ordered it! Everything has very nice quality and the pre-order sticker is nice and heavy! I put all of the stuff back in the packaging since I don't wanna ruin it ;w;

The other thing I had gotten in the mail was my second Goomy gatcha figure from kitzune! I had gotten the sad Goomy with the ice cream and Clefairy pokedoll. I can't believe how tiny it is!

If you ever get one of these, make sure you don't drop the Clefairy! It's incredibly tiny!

Thank you for reading!
Tags: books, figures, goomy
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