Rachel ♥ (digivolution) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rachel ♥

collection update? no way!

Well, here's a little collection update from myself :) got something in the mail, and two things from two friends!

Firstly, I got my Rhydon zukan from pacificpikachu! Ah, it's SO GORGEOUS *__* This is my first zukan too! I just simply love how cute and tiny they are! It's a little-known fact that Rhyhorn/Rhydon are two of my favorite pokemon :'D

Secondly, my friend jakeish surprised me with the Brock and Croagunk figure set! Apparently he was in Target and saw it, and though of me and bought it lmao 8D I want to make a mini pink apron for him ahaha. Croagunk is amazingly scary, and wtf is up with Brock's fist? XD

Thirdly, this is old, but invader_julie bought these magnets for me as well as the Bandaid! SO FUCKING CUTE sldfkslhf I love Bidoof ;_;

Tags: collection, figures
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