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Update, Partial Holy Grail Get! + SoulSilver Zukan Team Complete!

It's been a while since i posted an update, and while this isn't a complete update, it's mainly concerning a huge Grail get... at least, a partial one.

first off, past updates Jolteon | Ninetales and Char

here's a mini Jolteon collection update:

The new parts are the PokeCen sitting plush, the US version of the Tomy Jolteon plush i was able to find at Hot Topic, and new figures. Complete update will feature pics and the list of names i gave to my plushies. I also got the new Jolteon zukan which you'll see in the photo story.

This is just a quick pic i took with my iphone, i'll post complete updates once i can use my actual camera.

And now for the partial Holy Grail get...

IT'S THE NINETALES ZUKAN!!!! (thanks to skdarkdragon

i managed to get her for a decent price since her tail was broken, but as you see, her tail is fixed and at last, i have my most sought after Ninetales item (or any figure for that matter). It's listed as a partial Holy Grail though since it is just Ninetales (even if she is the main part i wanted), no base or Vulpix yet.

Now with that said, i do have a question for those who also have fixed a broken zukan, what is the best holding glue? while the glue is holding (i used E6000 i believe it's called, which dries clear), there are times where it looks like it'll give away when i pick it up (which is why there are limited pics of her even though i'm beyond excited to finally have her, i was too worried about her tail braking again.)

moving on, with Ninetales, new Jolteon, and the more recent get of Mega Charizard X, i have at last "completed" my SoulSilver team in zukan form! (i know Char X is a stand in for my other Holy Grail, the Char line zukan and new Jolty doesn't erase my search for the Kanto Eeveelution zukan but still)

here they are, my SoulSilver team!

Charmer the Charizard, Aya the Ninetales, Dodger the Jolteon, Cray the Typhlosion, Con the Infernape, and Yurei the Houndoom! (Aya and Dodger are a pair as of my Nuzlocke)

you might also notice another zukan in the background in that pic, i just got it this week:

It's Team Rocket! with the completion of my team in zukan form i needed a human zukan for scale reference of course. I never imagined the possibility of getting the Team Rocket zukan until i saw it listed. Thank you so much darkangellilith

Team Rocket with the team, does anyone know what Jessie and James' heights are? (surprise appearance by Kakashi tin lol)

Team Flame has temporarily joined Team Rocket

Team Rocket Go!

Eevee holding on

With Charmer

Ready for take off

Close up of little Eevee on Charmer's head.

Oops, looks like James fell off lol

Well, that's it for now, i just couldn't wait to do a team related zukan update. next time i'll do a full zukan update to include the rest. do we know of any upcoming fire type zukans? they're the only zukan i collect (with a few team related exceptions).

also, with those MPC plushies releasing a plush for every pokemon, is there any news for them releasing a Ninetales plush yet?

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