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The Grail Box Arrived! Streaming on Bambuser

Hello, everyone! Hope you have warmer weather today coz we just have a little bit of snow AGAIN in Philadelphia area. After a morning mock interview, I header to the post office to pick up my HOLY GRAIL box containing all the japanese trading cards I purchased over the last month as well as a first edition Wargreymon D-arts figure (off-topic warning!)

In the video I am gonna show you guys the opening of the box as well as the fabulous 45-card lot. Feel free to drop by and comment during the streaming. I am gonna list the cards for sale later today.

So...Let's get started!

Here is a link to the streaming!

STREAMING IS OVER! But you can still go to the link above to see the video again if you don't hate me. lol

Thank you for anyone who got a chance to stop by and watched the streaming!

Now I am gonna show you the pictures I just took after sorting out the ones with near mint taste (cannot stop laughing at this joke posted on the facebook group) and the ones that have seen better days.

I am not sure about what cards I am gonna offer at this moment so any pieces of info or comment will be greatly appreciated. For this time, they are only for collection. Yes, for this time... haha!


Tags: cards, collection update, tcg
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