Stephanie Wancho (swancho22) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Stephanie Wancho


Looking to buy two sets of figures: pikachu ippai 1 and eeveelution ippai with both sylveons (or at least the laying down version). Figures must be mint, and I would prefer that they have their paper inserts but may buy them without. I'm located in the US (44313) so if you have a set available please let me know a shipped total ^^
I'm also on yja, but haven't had any luck finding either - only the set two pikas seem to be up for auction, and only one set of eevees, which is blocked by my deputy. So either links or sales would be much appreciated :D

and I guess I'll add: wouldn't mind picking up the set of 5 goomy promo figures if anyone happens to have them..
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