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Umbreon & Espeon Collection + Sales Reminder

Hi all! I haven't posted a collection update in a while, but I realized I haven't had a chance to show off a few of my Umbreon/Espeon pair items, so I decided to feature all of them here and save the big collection post for next time. :D Below is a preview pic, but you can cut to the close-up pictures and the story if you're interested. ^^ Of course, I can't help but advertise my sales post on the bottom as well!

A little background on this collection: if you've seen my collection posts, you know that I have a fairly large Umbreon collection. I've always loved Umbreon's design and concept ever since it was released but that doesn't mean I have anything against Espeon. I accepted it as Umbreon's "other half" so to speak. Lately I've grown even more fond of Espeon since I got my fiancee interested in Pokemon and found out that she loves Espeon (especially the shiny version because she loves the color green). Coincidentally, we're actually extreme opposites although we share certain similarities. Long story short, I started this collection because we like to think of Umbreon and Espeon as a representation of our relationship. And since we currently live in different states, I like to get pair items so she can keep the Espeon version and I can keep the Umbreon version until we live together. ^^

I'm always looking for more Umbreon/Espeon pair items especially the ones released in the 2009 promotion. :D

Close-up of the bag design. I think the silhouette looks nice, and the sparkly purple color gives it a beautiful effect.

Front side of the pouch
Back side of the pouch
The Umbreon one was a custom made by a member of this community. I liked the detail and the design so much that I commissioned them for an Espeon version. My fiancee doesn't really have a spot for it where she lives, so I'm keeping both of them for now.
The Umbreon half of a keychain pair that I kept. Again, this was also commissioned by another member here. ^^
I gave the Espeon one to my fiancee when she came to visit last year. This is what the two look like when they're together. :D

I commissioned a member here for these pins. I really love how detailed the design is and the sun and moon signs make them all the more perfect. My fiancee is going to pick up the Espeon pin this summer when she comes to visit. ^^

A close up of the t-shirt design. I bought my fiancee the same shirt except with Espeon on top and Umbreon on the bottom.

Thank you for looking. :)

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