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my mom's collection?! + japan/other stuff questions

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a nice winter holiday. ^-^

All the stuff's under the cuts as usual, to prevent unnecessary clutter ><

I am also putting together a gets post, but I kind of want to wait until everything that I ordered has arrived ^^;

Also, these pictures are a little outdated (they don't have the stuff that I recently got from the comm in them, but please bear with me!

To be honest, it's always a little weird to have my mom's collection stuff in my room ^^;
She really likes Pikachu and Dedenne, but she has a thing for Eevee and Minccino as well~~

After my mom began to accumulate a whole lot of stuff (she used to keep all her Pokémon stuff on the wifi box), I was finally able to put all of the stuff together in a little cubby:

She ended up really liking the Ichiban KUJI stuff that I got in Hong Kong, so even though they're mine they're in her little cubby ^^;

After Dedenne was released, my mom really began to go overboard ^^; she was the one who took me to The ONE and bought the Dedenne TOMY plush for herself.
A few days later, she tried her luck at the fairy ippai, and got Dedenne on her first try! So lucky hehe~

More pics~~


There's the Pikachu screen cleaner, Ichiban KUJI cream, a Dedenne gacha charm, a squishy Dedenne, the fairy ippai Dedenne, an American Pikachu TOMY, and some Pokémon candy (there's Pikachu on it, I bought this one to eat but my mom wanted it for her collection XD. Supposedly pineapple flavoured. I really can't stop looking at it, it looks really good!)

Don't forget the Ichiban KUJI towel :D


There are the Pair promo mascots I got~~ I gave them to her as a Christmas present. There's a bootleg clear Pika kid in the back, wish it was real :l


Her kids that aren't me! She bought the bootleg kid in Hong Kong a long time ago, but the sleeping Pikachu we got at the local Japanese store.

She has her Dedenne TOMY plush, her clip-on Pika and my Ichiban KUJI super fluffy Dedenne! There are also some Pokémon books in the back :3
I convinced my mom to keep the Dedenne and Pikachu MWT just cause >:3

She really loves plushies! You can see what my mom's side of my parents' bed looks like~~


There's a Trainer's Choice Piplup, PC life-sized Minccino (she called in Chini, I know, creative haha), some B-Ducks, a small Jakks Minccino and my Pokémon Life UFO Pika (she's so obsessed that she insists that she put it on her bed :l )


More plushies! We share the Pikas on the top, but the rest of the plushies are all mine huehuehue.

Thanks for reading!
Currently trying to convince my mom to get a LJ/PKMNcollector's account.

I was wondering if you all would be able to answer some questions regarding stock and whatnot ^^;

1. Regarding stock, how long does it take for the Pokémon Center in Tokyo to run out of items? If they run out, how often do they restock?

2. Are Pokémon Center pre-orders limited to how many you can get per person? Are there a limited amount in general? (just asking 'cause I'll be heading to Tokyo in late March and I wanna get me one of them Cynthias 0w0)

3. Besides Pokémon Centers, do you know of any other toy stores that I could stop by in Japan to buy merch like plushies? (locations would be greatly appreciated ^-^)

UPDATE: Hey everyone! Thank you for all your answers :) I actually have one more question:

4. I saw a Keldeo Pokédoll listed on Sunyshore, by any chance are they still in stock at the PC? I'd love to get my paws on one *v*

Thank you so much!

Thanks for reading ^-^

- Ninfia
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