mercurrix (mercurrix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mini Bulbasaur Pokedoll? Second-Hand Finds!

I do a lot of thrift shopping, and typically do find a pokemon item or two every once in a while, but usually nothing spectacular. I did find something a little above average today, though...

A hasbro ivysaur and what appears to be a mini bulbasaur pokedoll!
It's a little too small to be a regular 'doll. The tush tag says it's from 2004. He's about 5" tall and 4.5" wide.
It still crossed my mind that it could be a bootleg, though.. what do you guys think?


Its condition isn't the absolute best... it has a faint stain near the left ear and it looks like the red color from the eyes ran a little beneath it. (The fabric looks a little bad because I tried to wash the stain out - I actually did seem to help it a little, but it didn't go away.)


I fear the stains decrease the value by a ton :c I don't know if he's even worth anything at all.

What's the best pokemon thing you've found while thrifting? 
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