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Sales and some chibis

Here's some of the finished plushies so far. I did a few chibis before I start working on the bigguns for Linealba. It's just two so far (since I'm waiting to show amphy when I finish Lopmon, but it's on DA already anyways XD)

Bulbasaur: http://lonepichu.deviantart.com/art/Bulbasaur-Chibi-Plush-Commish-101596859
Mareep: http://lonepichu.deviantart.com/art/Mareep-Plushie-Commission-101740450

Now on to the sales. I've gotten some more items and reduced some prices. Enjoy ^.^ I take trades on most items. I like Pichu and Johto starter stuff or anything cute :3 just ask


sales001.jpg picture by Twilmer

Meowth Lot, small mark on TFG figure by the face, talking figure works. $12.00 OBO (MEowth jar unavailable)

sales003.jpg picture by Twilmer

Jiggly lot: Jiggly backpack. $10.00

sales010.jpg picture by Twilmer

Clefairy lot. $8.00 OBO

sales006.jpg picture by Twilmer
Pikachu (ears don't wiggle, but talks and lights up) $6.00 OBO, Custom Chingling: $5.00, Starly (tushtags) $4.00, Torchic: $6.00, custom Mawile: $12.00 OBO, Custom Pichu: $8.00 OBO

sales002.jpg picture by Twilmer

Bookmarks: $1.00 each (sold Pikachu), Coins: $0.25 each, Eevee badge: $3.00, Gryffindor badge: $1.00, Magnets: $0.25 each, Baltoy bean: $0.50, Tiny Eevee: $1.00, tiny Jolteon: $2.00, tiny Flareon: $6.00, tiny Mewtwo: $3.00, tiny Mewtwo monopoly peice: $1.00, tiny Togepi: $1.00, Cyndaquil spinner: $0.50


sales004.jpg picture by Twilmer
Tomys, $1.00 each unavailable: Staryu, Magikarp, Gyrados, Dragonite

sales005.jpg picture by Twilmer

Jesse, Misty, Ash: $5.00 each OBO

sales009.jpg picture by Twilmer

BK toys, $0.50 each (sold, Slowpoke, dragonite)

sales008.jpg picture by Twilmer

,Mew: $1.00, Pokemon Manga: $4.00, Pokedex: $5.00

sales007.jpg picture by Twilmer

Tomys: $2.00 each (sold, Totodile, Blissey), Mana/Phione zukan: $3.00, Croagunk kid: $3.00, Charmeleon keychain: $0.50, Spinerak: $6.00, clear Latias: $2.00, pudgey Pikachu roller (tail needs to be glued on): $1.00, Espeon V-trainer (very rare): $40.00 OBO, talking Charmander: $4.00, Totodile (loved, few puncture marks on arm): $4.00 OBO, DS case: $1.00, Squirtle ornament: $3.00 OBO, Poliwhirl keychain: $1.00

sales017.jpg picture by Twilmer

Welch's jars: $1.00 each

sales016.jpg picture by Twilmer

Staravia paddle set: $5.00, Mahoromatic manga: $6.00, Mahoromatic DVD: $8.00

sales011.jpg picture by Twilmer

Coins in case: $5.00 OBO, Togepi: $1.00 OBO, Gengar pokeball keychain: $2.00, Tiny Mew Pokeball keychian: $4.00 OBO

sales013.jpg picture by Twilmer

Everything $0.50 each (sold Typhlosion)

BAttle e-cards, $0.25 each, 5 for a dollar, or all of them for $3.00

sales012.jpg picture by Twilmer


Taken: 1xErica's Tangela, Salamence, Dragonair, Plusle, Totodile, kirlia, growlithe, numel, arcanine, 1st of the magnemites, Meditite, spheal, elektrike, nuzleaf, pineco

sales014.jpg picture by Twilmer
sales015.jpg picture by Twilmer


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