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Small sales!

Just a little bit of collection weeding here, but it's some nice items. :)

* Paypal only
* All prices are negotiable! Make offers!
* I hold for one day (except for people I've done business with happily, you get three days)
* International shipping is a-okay but let me know if you're international so I can calculate shipping
* I ship within one week usually. Rarely a little more than that, but I'll let you know if there's a delay.

* Hasbro released 11" Torchic -- Excellent condition, just has one tiny scratch on the eye shine. It's barely noticeable. $8
* 12" Rare Pichu Backpack -- Brand new condition, adorable and brightly colored! $15 SOLD

* Summer UFO Piplup with little beachbag -- Brand new condition with tags. Really cute! $11
* UFO Catcher Pichu -- Gently used condition with small amount of wear. $6.50
* Hasbro Cyndaquil -- Brand new condition with tags, and super-soft and cute! $11
* Candy Keeper Charizard -- Slightly smaller than Hasbro Charizard, and rarer. Excellent condition! $5

* Large TOMY Jigglypuff Figure -- Has one mark on her foot that can probably be removed easily, otherwise in mint condition. $5
* Official Shiny Squirtle Kids -- Mint condition, could only be obtained by lottery in 2004! Very rare now. $10
* Chansey Coin things from TCG x2 -- Mint condition. $.50 each
* Dragonite pog -- $1

And a couple of non-Pokémon goods!

* The Place Promised in Our Early Days DVD -- Absolutely gorgeous movie, and this is only very, very, very gently used. The DVD is in excellent condition with no scratches and the case only has the lightest of scratching on it. I'm only selling this because I have two copies. ^^; $10

N64 games -- All work perfectly and are in great condition! These were my brother's and he takes good care of his games. $5 each or all three for $12. (Feel free to make lower offers if you'd like.)
* Supercross 2000
* Goldeneye 007
* NBA Live 99

Let me know if you have any questions or want additional pictures!

Also, I am searching for the 1/1 scale Pichu brother with the closed mouth and scruff on his head. ;___; If any of you have one you're willing to sell, or if you find one for sale, please please let me know!

He's one of the few 1/1 scale Pokémon plush I need now, as I won myself a Totodile recently. :D I think the Pichu Brother, Meowth (who is common, so I won't have any trouble getting him), and the third 1/1 scale Pikachu are the only ones I need now. I've got Pikachu (older), Pikachu (sitting with arms up in the air), Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Marill, Togepi, Pichu, Skymin, Mew, and Celebi all in 1/1 scale... Am I missing anything that you guys know of? I'm mostly looking for New York Pokémon Center 1/1 scale plush, but I'd be interested to hear about any others as well. :D
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