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A Couple New Gets+ A Quick Question!

Hello again everyone!
I kinda fell off of the face of the Earth lately (no thanks to MH4U...) and have returned with two new gets ( much smaller than my last post) and a question.
Gets and a question under the cut! ^-^

Here are the gets- a MWT Dialga and Lucario Pokedoll!

There's a backstory here- I entered pokemon when I was 10, around the Diamond and Pearl generation. Gen 4 is my favorite one by far, and tne theme song always stuck with me, (when Lucario looks up and sees Dialga roaring at the sky), plus I remember seeing pictures from the World Championships that year, and wanting the Lucarios that everyone seemed to have.
It only took eight years, but I finally got one!

Creation Dragon Groupshot!!! ^-^
I've had Palkia since November, Giratina since January, and after losing like five in a row, got Dialga last Saturday :)

Master and student reunited! XD
I basically stole Riolu, I found him on eBay in November, in a lot with a Chespin ufo, and I won them for $1.25!
I got Lucario, and they look great next to each other!

Now on to the question-
I found a VERY cheap DX Dedenne UFO, and I was curious if anyone on here has one. I am just curious about his dimensions (height, length, weight, etc.).
I have only found one for sale that gives a scale, and it was next to a large-ish looking water bottle, but no listings anywhere with specifics. I just need a rough idea before I order one, so I can estimate the shipping cost.
Thanks for reading!
Have a pleasant afternoon everyone ^-^
Tags: dedenne, dialga, gets, lucario, pokedoll
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