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Collection Update! With super special get! +Another Restoration

I'm back with a collection update! With a super awesome custom plush, a few semi-grails and my most difficult figure restoration yet.
Photo heavy!



Shiny Venusaur plush by yellow_fr3ak! It was the prize for the halloween contest, when asked what plush I wanted to be made I had to go with shiny Venusaur becasue I love his shiny form! She did a really great job with it, the shaping is perfect, and I especially like the head. Also the detail is crazy, there are spots on the underside of his flower and the inside of his ears are embroidered!


Side view. I think this may be my favorite item in my whole colletion :)


He's big! I have named him Ambrosia, after my in-game shiny Venusaur :)


Some stuff I got over the past few months! Including a few items that I have been searching for a very long time!


Venusaur X-Mas tree!!! I have been searching for this thing for a while, and a few finally popped up around christmas. I love the little pokemon ornaments. And I love the sculpt on venusaur, he looks very "vintage".


MIB bell plush! It's a lot smaller than I thought, which I prefer. So cute and shiny!


Banpresto mug thing. I knew it existed but I only ever saw a tiny, fuzzy jpg of it. I really like this thing! But I will never actually use it ;)

Back of mug. Pretty!


Other figure mugs that are out there (click for full size). There is also  vulpix, jigglypuff, charizard, and shockingly, pikachu.


Venusaur Bandana. It came with a little squishy figure. It's too small for me too wear, but I still think it's nice.


This is one of the items that has been at the top of my list for a while. It's a pin that was released during a promotion for the 3rd anniversary of pokemon. It came with a set that included charizard, pikachu, and blastoise. Only 4,000 sets were made apparently. I was lucky to find the Venusaur pin by itself! It's a gorgeous peice. I am very fond of metal things like this.


It came with the plaque that details what number it was made. I made a little case for it out of an acrylic bead holder.


Speaking of pins, this one is not nearly as rare, but I was also able to find this by itself too finally. It's also a commemorative pin for Green Version.


GBA link keychains. I did not even know the one with blastoise existed. I really like these things and am glad I finally found them!


They are removable too c:

Finally got some somewhat decent pics of my collection shelf.


Still needs to be rearranged somewhat.


Plush shelf!


Figure and other stuff shelf. I'm running out of space XD

Also, wanted to share my other pokemans too.


Shiny metagross plush my boyfriend got me for my birthday :D
This thing is huge! Venusaur kid for scale.


Other plush shelf. I love the sableye I am so glad they released another plush!

Also wanted to share a photo of my most difficult resoration. I managed to acquire another Venusaur TFG, but it looked like it was fished out of the garbage...


His flower is broken and won't fit in the stem, there is glue (?) all over his face and body. And there are areas where the paint is scratched off.

But, after a lot of TLC...


He looks pretty decent if I do say so myself :)

A lot of steps were involved, including:

1. Scrubbing the crap out of it
2. scraping off excess glue on flower stem hole
3. magic erasering the crap out of it
4. Gluing flower back in
5. repainting some areas that were missing paint
6. Heating the flower petals and bending them back into shape.

I still have some more touching up to do on it but I am glad I was able to fix the poor thing.

Anyways thanks for reading my super long post! :)

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