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Rare item giveaways, offers, and auctions!!

UPDATE 3/14/15: All items that have been paid for will be shipped out on Monday! Everything is packed and ready; just need to wait for the post office to open! Sorry for the wait!
UPDATE 3/18/15: All items were shipped out Monday! Unless it was shipped as a flat, the tracking info should be in Paypal! :)


With Nintendo getting into the merch game in a bigger and bigger fashion each year I had to really sit down and try to weed down my Pokemon collection a little because I have no space to put everything :( And though it was kind of tough to let some of these go, today I bring you a big post with a bunch of free things and close to free things! As well as some Pokemon Time strap auctions including Slowpoke, Misdreavus, and Politoed straps! There's a lot more than what's in the preview pic so click the cuts to find out! :)

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 9/20/14
My community feedback is here

1. All pkmncollectors community rules apply
2. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone, including banned members and non-members.
3. I ship from a pet-free, smoke-free home.
4. Priority will go to those who are committed. Please clearly state if you are committing or just asking for more information!

1. I accept Paypal only.
2. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees.
3. Payment is due in 24 hours or the item will go back on sale.
4. I can hold items for up to 48 hours for an absolutely committed buyer. Payment must be received by the end of that time period or the item will go back on sale.
5. I accept haggling and trades, but only up to a point. Please don’t be offended if I decline!

1. I ship from the US. I do ship internationally!
2. I reuse shipping materials but will do my best to protect packages from damage including using large amounts of packaging tape and stuffing when necessary. Let me know if you have any special shipping requests. Don't be afraid to remind me to protect a tag or flatten a box!
3. I do not accept returns and am not responsible if items are lost or damaged by the postal carrier, but I'm sure we can work something out if the worst does happen. :(

Shipping is free on these (within US only, sorry)! I'll just stick them in a letter envelope and mail them to you. If you want something a bit more protective, it'll be a little bit extra! All taken!

animanga eng edit
English animanga cutouts! I think it's clear enough from the pictures which episode each one is based on ^^ Free shipping if you get 4 or more of these! (within US only, sorry!)

Shipping is a little bit more expensive to areas outside the US unfortunately so I can't offer free shipping for non-US buyers, but let me know if you really really want something and we can work something out! :)

pokepark back
These are Bingo cards from Pokepark Taiwan! They were actually used in a game so I stuck tape on the back to keep the cardboard in place. I also have two nice glossy stickers from there as well. Auctions start at $0! Yes, $0!

animanga os
animanga os back
animanga oi
animanga oi back
animanga gs
animanga gs back
animanga spines
Animanga from Taiwan! Text is in Traditional Chinese. These are in pristine shape - I never really looked at them haha, but the spines are light-faded unfortunately :( Each book will be $3 OBO! Please please PLEASE offer your best prices, especially if you want to pick up a bunch together! SOLD!

Episode Breakdown
Volume 9 of the Original Series features the Koga, Ponyta, Kangaskhan, and Dratini episodes.
Volume 15 features Todd, Ultimate Test, Breeding Center Secret, Blaine 1st match episodes.
Volume 17 features the Earth Badge, Mr. Mime, Showdown at the Po-ké Corral, and Slowpoke episodes.
Volume 18 features Surfing Pikachu, Gloom, "Hollywood" movie, Go West Young Meowth episodes.
Volume 20 features Fire/Ice field battles, Grass field battle, and the three episodes of Richie including the end of the Indigo League.
Orange Islands books are complete - there are 4 episodes in each book. Volume 1 includes the Pidgeot goodbye, airship, Brock goodbye, and meeting Tracey episodes. Volume 9 ends with Ash vs Gary.
GS books have 4 episodes each, with the last episode being the Wooper episode in Volume 8.

pokemon time
All are MIP! There is a slight crack in the outer plastic casing of the Skiploom strap (doesn't seem to have affected the strap itself) and I replaced the tape on the Politoed strap backing because it was really dusty when I got it. Auctions start at $15 except Sceptile which starts at $10.

Auctions will end on March 7 at 6PM PST.

Please bid in increments of $1! No sniping! Auction will be extended by 10 minutes if bids received within 10 minutes of end time. Please don't delete bids!

Also shameless plug for sales! Still have an anime song CD and a couple of cheap zukan for sale!

Please no comments until this line is crossed out! All done!
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