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update thing

Hello there. It is I, PurpleShinx. I haven't been very active on here. Sorry about that.
So... I collect a lot of Pokémon (11? I think?) but most of my collections are pretty small. Still, here they are. I've been in this community for two years now, which is pretty hard to believe. Time sure does fly.

Here are my three main collections, Fennekin, Espeon and Mew. As you can see, my Mew collection is pretty small, but I do have a shelf reserved for when it gets bigger. (These shelves are new as well! I'm really glad I got them, because now I can store my larger collections properly. ^^)

My other collections. They're actually a lot bigger than they were a few months ago, Absol and Skitty specifically. Well, bet you can guess why.

And, since I get a lot of questions about my shelves: I got the brown ones from Target (they are brown, a very dark brown) a long time ago. They do not sell the set with the long shelf (the one with the Oshawotts) anymore. They might still sell the set with the large, medium and small shelves, but I'm not sure. The white ones are from Ikea.

I really hope to be more active on this fantastic community soon! However, I can't promise anything. :c
Tags: absol, collection, collection update, espeon, fennekin, mew, oshawott, raikou, shaymin, shinx, skitty, suicune
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