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jaydee's Kids Store February End Update

Hey Everybody!

So today is the final day of February and as such I just wanted to leave a quick reminder to everybody about the promotions going on for the final day of the month.

There are still 2 FREE SHIPPING slots available on orders over 50$. As a little bonus, any order over 50$ commented by the end of today will also receive FREE SHIPPING. I probably won't be offering the same next month, so put your orders in today before its over :)

There have been 18 orders placed this month, and as such I will be posting later in the week the winner of the Pokedoll raffle. If another 12 orders are put in tonight, I will be raffling off TWO Pokedolls, one of which is a Charizard Pokedoll <3


These are the newest kids that were added last week to the store, there are still a few left so get them while you can! Also have a large selection or over 5000 Kids available, so please come on over and take a look :D

As always click below or on this link to go there: Jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store

Feel free to ask away, questions are always welcome!

Until the next update,
Jaydee here,
signing off
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