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A Long Sought After SHINY Get! :3

Hello fellow lovely comm members!
Today I have a shiny get I didn't think I'd EVER ever have  the joy of owning.
Luckily he showed up and before I knew it, he was HERE! :o

Now whooooooo could it be? ;)


Shiny Hasbro HERACROSS! <3
I ltierally NEVER thought I get him. Since he's on the more rare side, and almost ALWAYS pricey. I didn't think I'd end up NOT shelling out $50-$60+ for him! But he didn't even come close to that price. :D
So now I have the lovely normal Hasbro Hera (which I got free from a lovely comm member back in the day) and the shiny one for more than half the price! I couldn't be happier. :')
Now one of the last items I need for my Heracross collection (that I am ACTIVELY looking for) is the attack Heracross kid!
I'm also waiting for the LAST plush I need of him to complete the collection, which is the Habro (ironically) beanie!
Luckily pikabulbachu is hookin' me up! ^__^

Here they are together livin' in harmony!

**** EDIT: Since a lot of people seem to be "offended" by people in Pokemon posts I've decided to put this under the cut. Personally I don't see anything wrong with it. In my case I've only done it to:
1. Show the size (as in the recent Mr.Mime post)
2. Show the item in use (as in this picture with Snorlax)

I wON'T apologize for the boobs in the picture, this was just what I was wearing on that given day and how the picture was taken. Spheal with it. :'D ******

In other news I forgot to post this adorable Etsy-made Snorlax pillow I recently got, I thought it would a fitting little guy to post here.
*I think we BOTH need Pokeflute*


Also, I can't wait to see everyone's SSS posts in the near future! :D

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