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It's a bird... it's a plane... it's an epic SALES POST!

POLICIES: All prices in US dollars. Paypal only, prices do not including shipping (which is from the US, btw!)
No holding of items unless we have previously arranged something, trade offers are okay (no artwork please). This is what I'm after as far as trades go:
I reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any reason. I ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And if I sold you something earlier this week, they will be shipped on Tuesday. I didn't have time this weekend, sorry!

Sealed dice games: These are very rare dice games from Japan. Each box contains one of 4 random designs of each Pokémon (ie: in one Arcanine themed box you may have either a roaring one, a smiling one, a pouting one, or one looking to the right.
Each dice game is $6!

I also have mini dice! These come in sheets in special booster boxes. They are half the size of the normal dice games, and typically have fewer pose choices.
Mini dice are 50 cents each.

And I have loose dice- these are the normal full-sized dice, but without their boxes. These originally came in the board game and the booster boxes.
Each loose dice is $2.25 each.

2 sealed Meowth dice games (on hold for meowthcollector)

2 Sealed Charmander dice games

2 Sealed Licktung dice games

2 Sealed Squirtle dice games

Electabuzz sealed dice game

Sealed Pinsir dice game

Sealed Articuno dice game

2 Sealed Aerodactyl dice games

Sealed Poliwhirl dice game

Sealed Slowbro dice game

2 Sealed Pikachu dice games

2 Sealed Farfetch'd dice games

2 Sealed Psyduck Dice Games

2 Sealed Kadabra/Alakazam dice games and 2 sets of 3 Abra mini dice

Loose Squirtle line dice- only one repeat pose (the one behind the others)

Loose Bulbasaur dice, all different poses

Loose Pikachu dice, one repeat (the one in back)

Loose Charmander/Meleon/Izard dice (only 1 repeat, the Charmander in back)

Loose Mew dice, all different poses

Lapras mini dice (all different poses)

Mew Mini Dice- same pose, different color

3 Ditto Mini Dice (all different poses)


Kabutops dice game and sets of Kabuto/tops mini dice (the two mini sets are identical)


Snorlax dice game and 2 sets of mini dice (each set of 3 is identical)

Pikachu mini dice - 2 sets of 3 unique poses

Articuno mini dice - 2 identical sets of 3

Moltres mini dice, each colored set has 2 different poses (purple and green sets are identical except for color)

Dragonite mini dice, 3 unqiue poses

Charmander mini dice, there are two identical pink sets of 3, and the purple set has the same poses as the pink, it's just in a different color.

Electabuzz mini dice, 3 different poses

Gyarados mini dice, 3 different poses

Poliwag/whirl/wrath mini dice, 2 sets of 4 unique poses

Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff mini dice, 2 identical sets of 3

Slowpoke and Slowbro mini dice

Charmeleon and Charizard mini dice, no repeats

Eevee mini dice, different poses

Squirtle Mini dice, 2 identical sets of 3

Shellder mini dice

Bulbasaur mini dice, 2 identical pink sets of 3, and the purple is just like the other sets except for the color

Scyther mini dice, 2 identical sets of 3

Pinsir mini dice, 2 identical sets of 3

Geodude/Graveller/Golem mini dice, 2 identical sets of 3

Chansey mini dice, 2 different poses

Clefairy/Clefairy Doll mini dice, 2 sets of 3

Gastly/Haunter mini dice, 2 sets of 3

Meowth mini dice, 2 sets of 3

Zukans, Kids, Figures, etc!

Miltank Zukan! Complete and in new condition.

Stantler Zukan, also new and complete.

Aipom Zukan, new and complete.

Singing Pokémon keychains! This Mewtwo plays Mezase Pokémon Master. I am only considering selling it at this point, I'll take offers.

And a Slowbro from the same line, but unfortunately he came defective- he doesn't play music.
Make offers!

Mint-in-box Shaymin kids, only opened to check for clears and consume the delicious candy inside. I have TWO of these left! $5 each

Commons are 25 cents and Uncommons are 50 cents. If it's holo or reverse-holo, add another 25 cents to determine the price.
Rares and Promos are priced as marked.

Milotic: $2, Bellossom: $1.50

Fearow: $2, Primeape: $1

Machamp: $2, Claydol ex: $4.50

Lucario lv. X: $4.50, Houndoom: $2.50

Abomasnow: $1.25

Dark-type Nidoking: $2.50, Poison-type Nidoking, $2

Palkia: $2.25, Banette: $2.25

Whiscash: $1

Mantine: $1, Igglybuff: $2

Wormadam: $1, Kyogre: $3

Marshtomp: $1.25

Burger King card is 25 cents just like all the commons.

European bubblegum stickers (plus two random Amada stickers)! They appear to have a clear background, pretty cool!
50 cents each

And some European pogs I hadn't ever seen before!
50 cents each as well!

Pokémon Master Trainer cards plus a random Sneasel card. :D
50 cents each!

Let me know exactly what you want (copy-paste the URL so there is no confusion) along with your country. Zipcodes aren't necessary, just country. I'll reply to you with a total and the Paypal address as soon as I can :)
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