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Small Weather Gets!

Hello! I've recently aquired a box from SMJ with several pokedoll related stuff, and more that i'd love to share with you all!


What is that, I spy?


Next shipping date is Tuesday!

Recently Updated:

We see a sneak peek of what's to come inside the box!

The full set of Mini pokedolls. I went for it cause of Charmander and Pikachu! I plan to keep Piplup too, since I kinda feel bad for taking it away from its friends. :'(

All the items from the box. (Ignore the Space Dandy manga again)

Everything free from their plastics!

I got a ton of mini pokedolls, since my side quest is to obtain every single mini doll of the keychain release from 2012. I'm only 2 away from completing it :) I have repeats of Scraggy and Axew, but they have found good homes!

As for the 3 seret base dolls, I got super lucky and won all 3 together in a lot for a good price! I've been meaning to get them (ESPECIALLY MUDKIP), but every place was sold out. I only had Wailmer. lol

This isn't all of it. I had to take off the gets I got for my SSS ;)

Their tagart is deserving for a shot. They're very beautiful. ^^

Mini trio is complete! Charmander is rather small for this set ^^; I'm not gonna complain though.

Time for other gets!!

My gets from Sunyshore. Guess whooooo?

Secret Base Skitty pokedoll and Mega Salamence!!

I fell in love with Salamence when i first saw it, and then the mega <33333

Skitty, cause secet base pokedoll. I love her cheery face.

PokeCen, you never disappoint me with your minor details with plush. MegaMence has striped under his belly.




Honestly, I didn't expect Mega'Mence to be so big :O I was expecting him to be the same size as the PokeCen Salamence.

Size comparisons and group shot of my 'Mences <3

Mini Pokedolls from PokeVault!

I needed these guys too XP

Oversized Turtwig Pokedoll and takara Tomy Shaymin from pocketmonstrmeg!

I've eyed Syamin for a while, but passed it up lots of times XP

Meg informed me about Turtwig needing a new home <3 Happy to have them both!

Not only that...

But I bought Aipom from her too. I'm really loving kutakutas ever since I found togepi, squirtle, and harmander from work. I've got two more kutakutas on the way too: Pikachu and Chikorita!

Caved and got the Pikachu Amiibo. I'm tempted to collect only the pokemon figures of these, but I'm having no luck with lucario :( With all the scalping going on with these, that's deterring me from collecting these. I'll just stick to collecting pokemon and digimon xD;



Funny story about it actually.

I got off early from work, and decided to go to Target. When I went to the toy section, I saw a kid with a Rayquaza wrapped around his arm. I look in the Yu-Gi-Oh section, and there I see the last set of the starter pokemon: Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. Exactly in that order like in the game. saying "they have them!"

of course, natually I picked up Mudkip. Looked it in the eye, and said "FINALLY I HAVE GOTTEN YOU, YOU EVIL DEMON LITTLE MUD FISH! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR YOU?!"

There was a kid behind me that I didn't notice before I turned around, her face was just hilarious :P

After that, I brought him home, and now he wears a blue collar with his name: EDM = Evil Demon Mudkip

After that, I have finally gotten Pyroar after 2 weeks from jaydee93! After constant snowstorms and getting +70 inches of snow, the Post office has been sending my packages to the wrong post office... and also haulted mail delivery to our house for 2 weeks. :/ I'm getting kinda woried for a package that arrived arleady without a tracking number...

Pyroar is a new love that I think I'm secretly starting to collect <3 I really wish that he had a plush!

THIS CUSTOM! <3 This was made by my friend sarah as a Valentines day gift! It's my pokemon OC's Mimi (Audino) and Reggie (Beheeyem.)

The two are an odd couple love/hate relationship in my pokemon comics, and to get this figure was a shocker!

I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!! <33 I cannot put it in the secret base, I just can't!! They stay in my room!

Time for work gets!!

Found this giant Pikachu from work! He needed a home so my friend fallengone has given him one ^^ The poor guy was about to be thrown out by the pokemon hater at work, but she had a sudden/unexpected change of heart for some odd reason, pulled him from the trash and put him out. o_o

McDonalds toys. My coworker gave me these xD She's just like "Here. They're gonna be thrown in the trash if you don't take em.''

Last are these. A game boy advance SP was donated with a bunch of games. I wanted these games so my coworker bagged em for me :)

Blue's battery is dead. Yet after I played it, the battery decided to live again I guess? I can continue where I left off.

FireRed and sapphire too. My 2nd Sapphire version got stolen from a relative, so this made me happy getting another. I chose LeafGreen so I'm happy to get FireRed too. Ignore kim possible.

Well, that concludes this collection update! Thanks for reading everyone! :D

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