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Some quick and small sales

Hello, everyone! I'm here with some quick, super small sales. These are leftover TOMY figures I recently got from Japan. All prices are negotiable.

Anything you order here may be combined with items from *my last sales post* or *sketch commissions post*, too! Just click on the text to see the posts.
(I'm currently working on sketch orders, by the way, for any of you commissioners that read this! I hope to finish them this weekend <3)


Granted sales permission on April 13, 2012 by entirelycliched. See my feedback here.
I ship from Oklahoma, USA. Will ship anywhere.
HEY LISTEN: I CAN BE A SLOW SHIPPER. Items could take 1-2 weeks to ship. Expect AT LEAST a one week wait. By purchasing from me, you're saying you are fine with this.
Packages are sent First-Class unless otherwise stated! I'm not responsible for any lost/damaged packages, please ask if you're worried.
ON SHIPPING PRICES. Shipping charges start at $3.00 for US orders, $7.00 for international orders. Those prices include the cost of bubble mailers.
I live in a non-smoking house. We do have one cat, but she's kept away from the items. Cat hairs do travel, though; I'll try to clean off the items to the best of my ability.
Haggling? Absolutely, especially on items labelled "OBO". I may wait to see if someone offers full price.
Only request additional photos if you are serious about buying.
Trades? Not right now. May make an exception if it's something on my wants list.

MINIMUM PURCHASE of $4, no exceptions! I always find myself running out of mailers too quickly and would like to slow that down, haha.

Right-click and open for a larger view. Mostly in used condition, some are better than others. Ask for specific conditions.
I don't know if there are any bootlegs in here (most of them look nice), but I can provide more detailed pictures for serious inquiries :>

Regigigas, Sandshrew, Kadabra, Entei, Magmortar, Heatran, Groudon, Dialga (may be bootleg?)
Arbok, Moltres, Feraligatr, Raikou, Reshiram, Shaymin-Sky, Zekrom, Dusknoir, Venusaur, Ho-Oh DX kid
Gligar (alt pose), Giratina, Zoroark, Garchomp
Palkia (alt pose), Lugia (alt pose)
I've decided to put these on eBay in a lot. Look there if you want them.

Donphan: $13 OBO
Mamoswine: $15 OBO (very unsure of price)
Rampardos: $10
Arceus-Dragon: $10 OBO (also unsure of price)
Emboar: $15 (aaaand unsure of price again! Can't find any pictures of it, is this even a TOMY??)

Nidorino: $50 OBO
Legit as far as I can tell! Toes are unpainted on bottom, copyrights are all correct, paint job is good, etc.. He's a little dirty, but I can confirm it is cleanable using a magic eraser. Not sure on price.

A couple random kids, good condition. There are some light marks on Helioptile's head, I don't see any problems with the others. $3 each.

Freebie TOMY figures that broke in transit to me. Looks like the previous owner (sloppily) tried to glue broken parts, but they broke again! I can't find Lucario's missing "antennae".

ON HOLD: Kyogre

That's it for now! Thanks to anyone who buys. All funds will go towards getting some Japanese merch out of the middleman's warehouse and into my room, haha
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