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Hi fellow pokemon merchandise enthusiasts , i'm new here and was just granted permission to join this community. I'm from kuala lumpur, Malaysia but have recently moved to the United States for studies. i would like to share some of my collection back home , which i was reluctant to leave behind when i came to USA :(

The focus of my collection is charizard, the legendary beasts, arcanine/ growlithe and most legendaries. my collection ranges from figures, to plushies , keychain , pins and daily use items like bags , pens and clothes etc. here are photos of some of my collection. it's not much but i am very proud happy with them. hopefully one day i will be able to own some really rare grails like some lucky people in this community. cheers :)
above is my pikazard collection. i absolutely adore pikazards!

rsz_1img_2602 (1)

And above is my most recent and first arrival to the US from japan. i'm very happy to finally be able to own the 2013 takaratomy best wishes charizard plush. even though it is without its tag, it is nevertheless in very good condition. together with it is the pikazard poncho, the pikazard gashapon figure set, the kyogre edition new 3ds and a few other small things.
looking forward to the next parcel arrival which contains one of my most anticipated items yet. stay tuned and nice to meet you all :D
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