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Help w/ selling TCG cards? :3

I just bought a binder of TCG cards at my local Goodwill last week, about 200 in all. Complete Pokémon noob that I am, I ran every last one of 'em through Bulbapedia to see which was which, then through PokeOrder.com to see what was how much, and including the stuff probably nobody will want (any $1>n or less) I have about $480 worth of cards here. And I have no idea where or how to sell them. XD

Anyone in western WA willing to help me out a little? :3

EDIT: I'm gonna need PayPal, won't I?

EDIT 2: I hope I haven't dealt myself into a corner. I have nothing with which to take a picture of my cards. X_x

EDIT 3: The memorable cards (holofoil, maybe rare too?) worth $5+ are

Base Set 2
Alakazam HF - 18.75
Mewtwo HF - 22.50
Venusaur HF - 26.25

Team Aqua vs Team Magma
Team Magma's Aggron HF - 14.99
Team Magma's Groudon - 22.49
Suicune-ex HF - 37.49

Metagross HF - 9.00

Flygon - 5.24
Salamence - 8.99
Torkoal HF - 11.24
Kingdra-ex HF - 37.49

FireRed & LeafGreen
Charmander HF - 5.99
Gyarados-ex HF - 44.99

Hidden Legends
Electrode HF - 7.49
Milotic HF - 14.99

Ruby & Sapphire
Gardevoir HF - 15.00

Expedition Base Set
Feraligatr HF - 11.24
Raichu - 5.99

Muk HF - 6.75

Gym Heroes
Misty's Seadra HF - 11.25

Neo Discovery
Yanma HF - 6.75

Neo Genesis
Sneasel rare - 8.99

Neo Revelation
Ampharos HF - 9.00

PayPal acct is still being finagled together.
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