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Multipurpose post ahoy!

First, I've updated my shop, Unknown Dungeon, with Zukan figures and all-new European D/P stickers. As usual, everything is also open for Raichu trades. :) Go and see if there're any of your favourite Pokémon!

Then, for a small collection update:

A Japanese TCG card from goku_the_saru. Thank you!

A Raichu sticker from a Finnish book for small children. I'm not sure yet if I'll keep it in the book or put it in a sleeve in the binder. Decisions, decisions...

An impulse purchase from a local supermarket (where I also bought that sticker book): a Mew 10th Anniversary Zukan! Just Lugia and then I've collected my favourites from this series and start waiting for another Evolution Figures set. I officially collect neither of them, but I think these movie figures look really stylish.

Lastly, a couple of questions:
1) Do Japanese TCG sets have reverse holos? I'm not sure if I've seen any this far, so is this just some special thing for the Wester edition?
2) Are there reverse holo versions of EX or Lv X cards?

Thank you, prguitarman! ^^
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