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Some of your favourite Pokemon merchandise you own? - [Discussion]

Just thought we could have a discussion about everyones current favourite pokemon items that they own, you might have one or two favourite items or a whole bunch of them! They don't have to be rare, heck some might be a favourite for sentimental reasons [I love hearing stories!] <3  I've been currently working on my collection website and just pondered on the thought that we all have favourites and to see what each of you like!  ^^

It's so hard to pick some favourite things out of my Latias & Latios collection but I guess these will be some of my top favourites! I do like random merchandise but a lot of the Lati Movie merchandise...baww it's too beautiful, the pencil case is kinda transparent and goes well with the Lati soul dew pens, they match so perfectly and I love sparkly blue things ;u;! Big figures are always big love, electronic Latios makes sounds and the fat chibi Latis always make them adorable! The last two are probably the things I spent a lot on, but I'm really keen for dioramas and smiley Latios, and they made them ^o^ <3 But there's something that's on it's way to me that might also add to this list one day!

With Lugia, it was a little easier, I was able to narrow it down to plush, I have 3 favourites although I haven't pictured one (the AG TOMY). Giant Lugia is really soft and I adore the material used for the older guys, not to mention it took a while to track him down back then ;w;, floppy banpresto lotto Lugia is one of my most favourite plush overall probably because of his floppy wings...I just find that adorable... and he's basically backpacked sized [not that he goes out ;w;]

Weavile was another challenge >w>; These are my favourite items I own though, DX Weavile...well who doesn't like big impish plush?! Or just big plush in general. I've always had a soft spot for clear figures...clear TOMY is just wonderful ;;! The Movie pen is action-packed...well you can press the pen lid down and his arm moves...! Suction Weavile is the cutest Weavile and reminds me of the times when I came back here with my own funds! ;w;

Ninetales was easy enough! One of the few figures that have her standing, the zukan in it's glory is definitely my favourite figure of hers and one of my favourites in general <3

How about you? :3

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