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TCG Sales!

Hello! I have cards just sitting round that I don't need or want. Lets give these guys a new home!

- I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on December 1st 2013
- My feedback can be found here:
- All pkmncollectors rules apply.
- The first one who commits to an item will get it.
- I can hold items for 48 hours.

- All prices are in USD.
- I only accept Paypal.
- You have to pay within 24 hours of having committed to an item unless there is a special case that prevents you from it.
- I do not mind haggling as long as you are polite

- I ship from the USA
- I will ship around the world, but please be aware that international shipping is very pricey.
- Quotes are ok. It does not mean that you have committed to the item.
- All items will be shipped in boxes or bubble mailers. Except for card totals below $10 they will be shipped in an envelope.
- I’m not responsible for lost packages in the mail, damaged packages, or import taxes as soon as the packages have left my house. I can’t provide any refunds either, should the package get lost.
- My main shipping days are tuesday and thursday. I usually ship a third day but it varies based on my work schedule.

Shipping Prices to the US starts at $1, The prices do not include shipping unless stated!
Shipping Prices International vary, please ask for a

Mewtwo is in a played condition will a small crease on the top right near the corner $2
Both Electabuzz are lightly played $3
Pikachu is lightly played with a little bit of edge wear $2
Koga's Ninja Trick (I think that's its name) has a slight uper right corner crease $2
Machamp is still in his plastic wrapping $4

Both Rayquazas are near mint $6
The Matrix Green Energy is lightly played $10
Dark Persian is played with minor foil scratching and edge wear $.50 Gone!

Mewtwo is lightly played with slight bowing and edge wear $2
Kangaskhan is lightly played with minor edge wear and foil scratching $1
Clefairy has edge wear and a small crimp at the top. $.50
1st Edition Gengar is in a played condition with minor edge wear and foil scratching  $7
Regular Gengar is in a lighly played condition with minor edge wear and a few foil scratches. $3
Dark Arbok is lightly played with very minor edge wear $2

Cinccino, Vanilluxe, Ducklett, and Krookodile are all Near mint and $.50
Mewtwo has slight bowing and edge wear $2
Heracross is lightly played with minor edge wear $.50

IGNORE MACHAMP-he is listed down below
Unknowns are both in a played condition with play damage. $.25 each
Gyrados is lightly played with some edge damage and foil scratches $1.50
Metagross has a small crease on the right side and some foil scratching $.50
Rayquaza has some foil scratches and edge damage $1.00
Ditto Lot-  All have some forms of damage and are considered to be in a played condition. The lot is 1.00 Gone!
All have some forms of slight damage (mostly edge wear or very smal creases) .15 each or .50 for the lot Gone!
These all have excessive forms of damage (large creases, foil damage, excessive edge wear)
They are free! Just pay shipping!

Thanks for looking!
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