methuselah31010 (methuselah31010) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mewtwo and Mega Charizard Banner auction Reminder and Pokemon Fabric!!

Hey everyone! Just quick a reminder that my auctions for the two Play Pokemon banners is ending in about 9 hours. They're both at their starting bids! Click the picture to be taken to the post. :D

I also have 2 of the Sylveon blankets for sale that I added. I'm planning on going to the PO tomorrow, so any packages that are waiting to be shipped should be sent out tomorrow! Thanks! ^-^

Edit: I just got off work, and look what we got in today!!

It's available online as well, but if you have a Joann Fabrics store near you, you can get it cheaper with coupons. ;) If anyone wants me to pick some up, I have it all on hold for me til tomorrow. Think I'm gonna make a pillowcase out of the blue cotton, and some pajama pants out of the black fleece~
Tags: auctions, charizard, info, mewtwo, sales, sylveon
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