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Mew photo story :3

Hey guys~ I bought something special from abbeymew and it arrived safely on Friday! (Thank you so much!) Thought I would share some pics with you guys, I hope you enjoy. :3

Hey, look, it's a Mew! But... he seems pretty lonely and sad. ;_; I think he had a long journey and isn't sure about his new surroundings.

IMG_20150303_151622_084 copy

But look, you're not alone, little Mew...

IMG_20150303_151742_103 copy

You have a big brother! Both Mews are super happy to be together. :'D

IMG_20150303_151927_778 copy

After a bit of snuggling they went straight to the 3DS! They were super curious about this "Omega Ruby" game...

IMG_20150303_152509_028 copy

Hey, look!! There's a Mew here, too! :0


This game seems kinda hard... x_x


Mew went off to meet some other pokemon, and partied with a bunch of Pikachu for a while.


Parties are fun, but Mew was feeling a bit overwhelmed. He then met a very LARGE Pikachu who was nice and quiet. Bigachu showed Mew his favorite book.



There's a Mew here, too!


Since then, Mew has been raiding my kitchen, grabbing any food that seems yummy to him...


That's my Milky Way, Mew!!! >:0

Haha, anyway, I'm really happy to have gotten this TOMY AG Mew! I couldn't find much information about him online, maybe you guys can help me out? I'm assuming AG stands for "Advanced Generation"? Was he released around the same time as Lucario and the Mystery of Mew? From a Y!Japan auction description, they said they purchased the one up for sale at a movie theater. I also read that this guy was only released in Japan? I just like knowing the bits of info behind merchandise. :3
He's very soft and cuddly! I love the big floppy feet, and as you can see from the pictures, I "freed" his tail. I'm kinda nitpicky and don't always like parts of plush sewn on, especially tails.

Well, thanks for looking and I hope you're all having good luck with your collections~

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