colt733 (colt733) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction + latest gets :D

Hi fellow PKMNCollectors!

I'm Adriano from Italy. After a long time of lurking i finally decided to join this fantastic community.
My all time favourite pokémon is Lugia. I simply love the ideas behind its design and color scheme. Cmon an avian marine beast that guards the oceans and unleashes storms it's simply awesome.
My collection focuses primarily on the japanese pokémon TCG. I'm relatively new to this activity since i started collecting with my twin brother from BW era expansions. Our collection is slowly growing in fact we are starting to obtain older sets.

As you can see from the picture i got a bunch of newer stuff like a XY4 Phantom gate box, a CP1 Magma gang vs Aqua gang and the Illust Collection art book plus some Xy promos. I was very lucky to find a sealed VS psychic/fighting half deck and a Mirage's Mew deck for a reasonable price too.

That's all for now, see you around :D!

Tags: introductions, tcg
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