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More tongue related craftmanship

I wanted to test a few thing to add to my portfolio of what types of crafts I can make. So here's a pillow/flat plush test I figure ya'll would like to see.

Isn't she cute? I based her expression and pose off some of the more cute official art available of this guy.
Her body is mostly made of fleece (from the same source as my slowpoke plush) and felt (from most of his markings and face). Her eye shine (that white spot on the eye) was painted on with acrylic since it was easier than attaching something.

I'm not sure how long he took but I work on him for about a 1/2 hour to an hour a day for over a week so it was at least 6 hours. The only areas I kinda messed up on is her crotch (which is slightly crooked) and her mouth (note to self: never glue parts on if you need to sew them on to the plushie later.).

And here's the size comparison (comparing her to the lickilicky pokedoll/pop open pokeball lickitung which are both 6-7 inches tall). She stands about 14 inches tall and is around the same and width (arms included).

Hope ya like it.

Btw: craft commissions are currently closed as I have many projects ahead of me that have to be done by Xmas.
Tags: custom, lickilicky
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