Dracula (dinolich) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Wild Alakazam Appeared! Bootleg Help

I was at the mall looking for a birthday present for a friend when I saw this little dude peaking his head out in a small pile of Pokemon plush at an anime kiosk. Buuut now that I'm looking at him at home I'm not sure if he's a bootleg or not.

image (10)

I had no idea they even made Alakazam plush and for $10 he was definitely an impulse buy. When I got home I looked into the plush a bit more and read this one is pretty frequently bootlegged. He feels pretty well stuffed and there's no deformities in the stiching and doesn't look lumpy at all, but the toes look a little off. I compaired the tush tag to the other UFOs I have and it's the same as an old Squirtle I have. The optemist in me wants to believe its legit, but for ten bucks it's gotta be a bootleg right? The other pokemon plush they had were much more common and compaired to plush I already have, I have no reason to susspect the any of the others for sale were fakes.

Any help with what too look for in bootlegs or if you have a legit plush of this to compaire it to would be awesome. Thanks!
image (11)
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