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Shining Hasbro figures. I has them.

Fwee~ New items.

I found a nice little BIN on eBay for a change. And what a little gem it was.

It's Charizard! And Blastoise. And Chikorita.

I never expected to ever get Blasty. This is the first time in years I'd even seen her. And Chiko! She's so awesome too.

I had an even lower chance of ever getting this guy - Given his popularity. He's my most fave Charizard item ever. I just love him so much.

And of course, I paid a hefty price.

$7.99. For all three. Meep.

This came for me about a week ago - SMJ box! It also came with a few (small) plushies I hadn't seen before, even on PPP.

Two new Absol additions. I had no idea about the stylus cleaner until I saw the auction. And as tins happen to be one of my fave items..... <3

Jirachi tin too! And Mudkip/Torchic erasers. And an adorable swimming Spheal pin. And the Rentorar (aka Luxray) coin I'd been after too.

This next auction I won had me suspicious, in the 'Too good to be true' category - All the following plushies (Plus about 4 more smaller ones) for a BIN of 700 Yen. With the sellers good feedback, I went for it anyway, even though the reversible Pokeballs were hidden slightly.

I.... Had no idea the auction for these contained a Delibird reversible. With him, I now have all 5 Delibird plushies ;O; And a cute Corsola too! And FINALLY, Wartortle & Satoshi friends!

The original Squirtle Pokedoll?! As I already own the Anniversary one, this was such a great surprise. Deoxys is so cute, and I love the Wooper.

I'm actually considering selling the Larvitar and the Articuno, so make offers if interested.

The Mew is the only one not from the plush lot - He came with the Absol tin. I haven't seen the other two before though.

And to finish this post off - Latest comm buys! (I may have missed a couple of items here though, I'll be contacting the people I got these from to let them know later!):

Tags: absol, blastoise, charizard, chikorita, totodile
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