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Mini Sale

Stuff will be mailed late this week - sorry for the delay! ^^; One of the cars is in the shop, so I don't have a way to the post office.

Doing some more collection weeding.

Below the cut are some really rare things - two of which, I don't really want to sell, and may not unless I get a good offer. ^_^;

Included are: Shiny Flygon Kid, and Super Rare Light-up Glacidia Flower Skymin Bracelet!

Usual policies apply - no trades at this time. Payment is due within 24 hours, paypal only, etc.


Leafeon Laying Plush (Selling one, keeping one! ^_^;) - $17
Jakks Eevee Figure - $8
Espeon/Umbreon Zukan (missing Eevee) - $30 (I will also just sell Espeon..)
Angry Shaymin Movie Kid - $5
Espeon Megablok - $10
Uxie Kid - $3

Giratina Another Forme Zukan - $10
Skymin Cell Strap (first version release) - $4

OFFERS - It'll take some convincing to get me to sell these two. ^_^;

SUPER RARE Skymin Glacidia Flower Light-up Bracelet: Available only as movie goods for an extremely limited time - I have never seen one on Y!Japan. Gin had these in Sunyshore, but only two - I got one, and I believe kefanii got the other. Best offer.

Shiny Flygon Kid: Extremely rare. Best offer.

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