charelp (charelp) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey there! New Groudon stuff again :D

I wanted to wait but I just can´t hold it. I just got so cool new Groudon stuff I just have to show it off :D

First, I got the 2 Groudon figures I ordered from suzanneespeon here on pkmcollectors :) Thanks a lot for helping to support my Groudon army!

Secondly, I got a commissioned Groudon figure from Asmaee on Deviantart

Finally, I got this still sealed Megabloks Groudon box from Bandai (2006).

If you want to know more about the box, check out the pictures under the cut ;D

I put a Kids Figure on his head for scale comparison :D Groudon riding a Groudon haha

Hope you like what you saw :D feel free to comment
Tags: groudon
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