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Nice to meet you! + a part of my collection

Hello everyone!!
I recently heard about this community and being a big Pokemon fan, I decided to join it!
I'm a French girl going by the name of Yumii that has always loved Pokemon since the first game got released in France.
I started collecting for real about 5 years ago, but what gave a big + to my collection was my 1 year in Japan last in 2013/2014.

I'm focused on Eeveelutions because I find them all so cute!! But apart from them, I love plushies like crazy haha. Other goods don't really interest me, unless it's super cute or deals with Eevees~

Hmm what else can I say? -- Aside from Pokemon, I love photography, especially toy photography. Taking nice pictures of figures or plushes is so fun to me hehe!

With that said, shall we head to some parts of my collection now? ♪

My masterpiece haha. Got all of those in half a year in Japan. They're my precious babies ♥

Those are my pride. I got them myself at UFO catchers, such a hard work for Sylveon <<; But worth it!

Fennekin and the Mega-ring! As well as Reshiram; I like Reshiram :D

I told you my favourite were the Eevees; but I also looove Wobbuffet and Chimecho!! :3

I only recently got to know what this Mantyke was from :o You can get them from gashapon machines in Japan right? But I never saw any. Got it in a second-hand store, because so cute! Also this Pikachu that talks and laughs if you rub it :D

As a Eevee fan this figure was a must get! Also Jessie because she is cool!

Clearfiles!! Those were just so cute!

I hope you like pink haha. Left is a Shitajiki, you know those things you put under a paper to write.

My current plush collection... A lot are hidden under haha.

Here are my favourite goods!

(told you I like Chimecho hehe.)

Red nendoroid oh yesss. So happy GSC did this ♥♥

Last but not least, Touko Pokemate!! I love Touko so much ha. So sad there are so few goods of her /cries.

Well that's it for now; I hope you liked my post! If you have any questions, ask me! I don't bite! I'm here to share my collection and make friends!♥
Thank you for reading till the end.
Tags: chimecho, eeveelutions, wobbuffet
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