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Collection Updates

2015-03-07 19.27.09
Hello everyone! It has been a while since I've posted a complete update (and I realized while taking these photos I left a few things on campus [cries]) so it's about time I show you the newest additions! Poncho and Glimmer (who is also a new addition) are ready to show you everyone :D

2015-03-07 19.28.57
First up the Cheren collection!!! This side collection happened completely by accident, but I have been a Cheren lovers for a while and since he hardly has anything of the BW2 realm, I decided to extend it even further. It's been fun finding all of his items over the past few months and I growing side that I'm beginning to find even less items of his. Currently, I'm waiting on his button from the Poke Mate series to come in. After that....it's my mass hunt for that washcloth that was with the dot sprites. I have yet to even see a picture of it, but I know it has to exist because Bianca has one as well! And then probably collect any other random Cheren things I can find like stickers, concept art, ect xD
2015-03-07 19.29.14
2015-03-07 19.29.43
2015-03-07 19.29.52
2015-03-07 19.30.04
2015-03-07 19.30.12
2015-03-07 19.30.18
2015-03-07 19.30.27

Next up and what I'm sure most are probably curious about is the puppies!!! Including the icon I'm currently using as well xD I'm so happy I was finally able to commission both hawlucha and agui_chan for this part of my collection and want to think both of them again!!! :D I'm officially almost done collecting all the plush forms of the Pups. The only one escaping me is that gosh darn Takara Tomy Plushe >_< soon I'll find you, you little rascal. I was thrilled to get these TCG findings, including the Herdier TCG Poster (which isn't pictured). Soon I'll move onto collecting more in the TCG field. Also some of you may be wondering why I have 2 sets of kids and the answer to that is that I plan on painting one set the shiny coloring. What's also missing from this picture are my Lillipup line stickers and my Herdier & Lenora necklace/charm. Silly me left them on campus :| but they'll be featured in my next giant pup update.
2015-03-07 19.21.22
2015-03-07 19.21.32
2015-03-07 19.21.38
2015-03-07 19.21.47
2015-03-07 19.21.53
2015-03-07 19.22.02
2015-03-07 19.22.15

And finally. If any of you remember from my collection post a few months prior, I had one little eggy plush. Well guess what? He now has companions.
2015-03-07 19.19.41 Three little eggies sitting in a row. Do you recognize their eggs? If not, that's okay because here they are!
2015-03-07 19.19.09
After a bit of consideration, I decided to get the last two of the egg promotions. So all that leaves is Eevee and Vulpix so if anyone has them or has come across them, do tell me! Thanks everyone for taking a look at my collection and keep a look up as I plan to show some small updates later as I'm still waiting a few other Cheren and Lillipup line items to come in. Happy collecting!
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