Charizard (flamincharizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New member introduction!

Hello everyone, the name's Celina!
I came across this group about a month ago while trying to add to my collection and have been meaning to join and I finally did this week! :D I'm extremely excited to join this group and interact and learn from fellow Pokemon collectors. It'll be fun :)
So a bit about me...
I've been into Pokemon since it was introduced to the United States. Even as child I collected numerous Pokemon toys, plushies, books, etc. However, as I grew older, I lost interest for a little while and lost quite a bit of my collection unfortunately... :( Thankfully, I was able to reclaim some of it once I got back into Pokemon a couple of years ago thanks to my friends from highschool and have been collecting ever since!

Here's some of my plushies! A lot of them are buried on the shelf though...

Here's a closer look of some of the plush though some have been added since then

My favorite plushies right now. The two pikachus are my all time favorite cause my boyfriend found them for me for Valentine's Day!

These are just misc. items that I have scattered across my room

These are just games that I have gotten over the years!

On this shelf there's mainly little figures scattered on the shelf...I don't know if you can see it all D: )

And last but not least my newest additions that I got this weekend!

So that's my collection so far as you see my collection is pretty much scattered. I try to aim for mainly plush but I'm pretty much happy with any Pokemon related thing that I can find.
Well that's all I have to say. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to meeting some of you and being part of the community! :)
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