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A New Member Appears!

Hello, hello! My name is Loop, and I'm very happy to be here! I haven't used LJ for quite a while, but when I found out about this community I knew I wanted to get involved. I've been collecting since I was a kid and It's still as fun as ever. Most of my collection is whaterver I like or find interesting. I do, however have a section dedicaed to Typhlosion, who is my absolute fav!  Down below I have a sloppy overview of my collection, not including books and most TCG stuff. Sorry it's a bit haphazard! :0

A lot of my oldest stuff is here. Gotta love the Burger King crowns.

The 10th anniversary Hasbro set, plus walkie talkies.

The plushies! There are a few you can't see because Raichu is so huge. I like how Ivysaur is peeking out. :o

Recent McDonalds toys and some keychains.

Mostly Tomy figures, with games in the background.

BK card toys and trading figures. The lugia thing behind Brendan was from Wendy's, oddly enough, and it has a compass in it for some reason. One of the most baffling things I own.

Figures of all shapes and sorts. Psyduck is going down. Timber!

Aaand my Typhlosion stuff. And yes, I'm aware that that's Quilava on the BK gameboy toy. It came with a Typhlosion plastic card thingy in it, which is stored in the back.
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