ravingkangaroo (ravingkangaroo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Post

I finally am able to make a post of my plush collection of Pikachus and Raichus (especially since new members just arrived this week).
:D Here they are!

Pikachus! I just got the Pikazard in the mail on the left. ^.^ And I'm still waiting for a new monthly chu to arrive from Japan.

More chus! The I Love Pikachu plush on the left is an original, but I have added the toolbox plush to it. This is my first practice to making a custom plush, started with something simple. It's the toolbox from the game Hey you, Pikachu! :D I loved that game as a child and since no plushes seem to exist for the game, I decided to create my own with an original pikachu plush.


Here are my Raichus! I just received the canvas doll and the Pokemon Center Pokedoll this week too! So happy. And the realistic Raichu on the far right is a custom commission from the talented Avanii! (Here's their DA page)

Thanks for looking! ^.^
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