Kirsty (kirsty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

username change & Pokémon Time straps chart/question

1) IMPORTANT: My LJ username is no longer 'kirstingent'. I'm now kirsty (I'm trying to purge the internet and social media of my full legal name. Surprisingly, my nickname was available.) I apologize for any broken links or misplaced pictures, I'll try to fix those as I go along. I'll provide old and new feedback with all sales.

2) Pokémon Time strap collection chart
I've been asked about this, so I thought I'd go ahead and provide it again to the community. PkmnTime straps seem to have gone up in popularity! (I'm more than happy to share the love with all of ya, but man you're making my quest difficult sometimes! >w<)

(lookin atchu agui_chan) [click for full res]

Here's mine filled out...Collapse )

3) Question:
So the new set of Pokémon Time has got to be on it's way. I'm really antsy for it! >w< What are some Pokes you'd love to see in PkmnTime style?? I would love to see some straps of Pokes that they've already designed but haven't released a lot of merch for, like Butterfree, Jigglypuff, Ponyta, Natu!

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