tsuiling (tsuiling) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My set is complete :)

First off, I updated my flickr website with some more collection pictures (but it is still a work in progress).

Tsuiling's flickr albums

This actually arrived yesterday, but I only had a chance to upload this morning.  I do apologize for the watermarks, I know its not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but I have had pictures taken and used without permission before, hence I watermark everything I upload online.

Substitute Box

If you guys want un-watermarked copies of any of my collection pictures just for reference, go ahead and message me and I will send them to you.  I just don't like eBay sellers using my pictures to sell things.

Click on the link to see the inside. :)

I think I will need help to open this box.  So.... getting some Pika Power.....

Substitute Box Pika

The three of them are tired of opening all my boxes, so they decide to use a move.....


The three Subsitutues work together to open the big box, and what do they find inside?

A new Subsitutute helper!

Comm Subby Inside

Here it is, the Substitute Family, 60 cm, 30 cm, 13 cm, and 10 cm.

Comm Subby

I also got the charm as well.

Substitute Charm

I am very happy to be able to get all of these, and I hope you guys like the pictures.  Again, if you want any un-watermarked photos just let me know.

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