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Group Auction Anyone?

So I saw this auction on Y!Japan. I also know there are a lot of mew and mewtwo collectors here. so I figured I'd ask you guys if you'd like to bid on this auction with me:

anyway. It'll be about $30 USD as long as no one else bids Plus shipping costs. I'm thinking about $40-$45

I'm willing to up to Pay Half of the Bidding cost [$15] and partial shipping.

1. Mewtwo EX -
2. Mew Ex- [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
3. Bubble Mew - [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
4. Vending Promo Mewtwo - [meirin ]: $5
5. Shining mew - [heenz]: $4
6. McDonalds Promo Mew - [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
7. Rotas Mew- [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
8. Mew -
9. Mew - [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
10. Baby Mew - [eiei_o_kumori]: CLAIMED
11. 10th Anniversary Mew - [chibisilverwing]: $5
12. 10th anniversary Mewtwo- [ann_chovi]: $5
13. Mewtwo -

Bid here and I'll update bids manually.
NO BACKING OUT IF WE WIN. I'll be very angry

So as soon as we get enough i'll place a bid and cross my fingers.

There's about 6 days left for the auction so you have that long to place your bids. I think thats about it.

Also I have a question about this mew plush

So i've been seeing this adorable mew plush one eBay for about $20. I was wondering if anyone here and one and was willing to sell for a little lower price. [I'm kinda poor right now] It's adorable and I really want one. Loved condition is fine with me if you do wanna sell or trade [i don't know what i'd trade though. I'm sure i could find something]

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