Ariana Moreno (sandshrewgirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ariana Moreno

Long time no post! Newest Sandshrew get ^_^

Hey everyone! It's been over a year since I have posted, but I have been lurking here and there. I got a new Sandshrew Banpresto keychain! This was also a while back and I forgot to post haha. Figured I would now. It's the newest get to my Sandshrew collection. Slow progress but I have been busy with school and such. I'll catch up at some point XD. Thanks for looking! (Sorry, the camera doesn't work very well so the pictures may be hard to see)

Photo on 3-8-15 at 9.00 PM
Photo on 3-8-15 at 9.01 PM #2
Photo on 3-8-15 at 9.01 PM #3
Photo on 3-8-15 at 9.02 PM
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