midori8 (midori8) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello! new around these parts!

hello! been lurking for a long time now but decided to finally join! i've been into pokemon for years ( 1995 old skoooool) but never got really into collecting anything until recently ( last few years) grew up in VT so did'nt have any access to a lot of pokemon stuff! now that i am older and have money and space been getting into it. though i think the oldest thing i own is a Nidoking keychain from burger king back in the day! to help with my lack of pokemon stuff i used to just sculpt little figures and trade them with my friends for cards! ahh simple times haha!

i collect mostly the plush or anything that really catches my eye, mostly just plush for now though! i am still a super noob when it comes to catching bootlegs so been extra paranoid about buying ANYTHING on ebay! scary place! ( also some pretty funny bootlegs too lol has anyone seen the goodra bootleg with the upside down eyes???hahaha)

my favorite pokemon are Charizard, Yveltal and froakie's whole evolution chain. though i tend to just like a wide range really! i am currently waiting for a bunch of stuff to arrive. currently have 1:1 goomy, lugia and a mega rayquaza on its way to me! i'll post when i get them. anyway enough rambling! nice to meet you all and i hope to fit right in :)
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