Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,


hey! want the new megablocks? well to buy both sets on the shelf it costs $200, and that's without any shipping or crazy fees. so reserve your blocks today with gin, for the cheapest price possible for these cute little blockies.

because of the high price and the assumption that not every single block will sell, please only reserve a block if you are willing to pay around 10$ or possibly more for your block. shipping will be ridiculously cheap, around 2$ a person, so fear not the shipping.

on to the blocks!

comment to reserve one. backing out will be severely punished (we won't whip you, but it sounds so dramatic, doesn't it? just you wait for the new and upcoming rules on what happens if you back out of a group buy! :P) so don't reserve them if you're gonna be upset later on over a 10$ block, please.

you'll need to pay in a week, when the blocks come out on shelves, not today. so be ready by then! also: paypal only please! because this is 200$ out of pocket and money order helps me not.

i'll pop your name over the block you want and then its officially reserved. if you see a block you want that has already been called, give it a shout out anyway as i MIGHT, MIGHT MIGHT be willing to pick up another set if enough people are interested to afford one (that would be around 400$ total we need to raise, though).

for the record: we ALL pay more if we can't raise 200$ and we all pay less if we can get more than that, so don't be shy, step up!

go for it! comment away! you've got alllll week.
Tags: group auction
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