Megan Fleming (megguendo) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Megan Fleming

Cards and stuff

First of all I got a couple things, one from last Monday and something from today

..I swear I took a better picture of this where did it gooo
Oh well, I got it from iammyworld. I almost bid on it in pacificpikachu's Zukan auction but I didn't and I kinda kicked myself for that but now I have it anyway XD

More fail @ photography, for different reasons, but I got this little gal from Sunyshore today. I wasn't gonna bother trying to go after any Eeveelution stuff but then I realized Glaceon has some of the best facial expressions ever.

Then the other day I decided to take pictures of my TCG and Vs. cards. =D

Ugh I guess I have issues with cropping too lol

My mirror wouldn't hold up the last one =p

Also I found this under my bed the other day... o__O I don't remember where/when/who I got it from, I didn't even remember I had it period. It got water-damaged somehow as you can see, but it's a pretty card so I'd like to find a better-condition one to replace it. I'd be willing to buy but I can also trade anything from here if you'd like. Even if you don't have it you can still offer something for any of those. A few of the holos/reverse-holos are a bit scratchy looking for some reason, I think they may have been like that since I got them though. Go ahead and ask for closeups if anything interests you.

As for me, I'd basically like any cards of anyone from my main collections (Wurmple line, Anorith line, Burmy line, Illumise, Seedot line, Baltoy line) or any Grass/Bug types in general, but you can offer other things too.
Tags: baltoy, cards, claydol, glaceon, wanted
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