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✿ Updated Sales, Wants, Anime Boston, and Tiny Zigzagoon Collector Giveaway! ✿

(✿◠‿◠) Hello Everyone!
I've been meaning to make this post all week and just haven't had the time for it. x.x
Busy busy busy! Anyhoooooo, i hope everyone is excited for the oncoming Spring! It's finally getting warm, so hopefully there will be no more snowstorms, yay!

First today i bring you some sales! :D
Many figures and flats including lamincards, amada stickers, ulitimate stickers, action cards, and more! Almost everything is $2-$3 !!!
Please click this or the photo to see! A link within my post will also transport you to my Ebay sales as well, in case you're looking for more plush than figures/flats. Also, anything in my sales can be traded for anything in my wants list or any items i do not already have of swirlix/slurpuff or zigzagoon/linoone!

Next up are some more wants! Basically if you have anything zigzagoon/linoone or swirlix/slurpuff related, please offer it to me! If i don't have it already, i'll almost definitely buy it from you! Please let me know what you have! Plushes, figures, flats, anything relating to them! Here is a link to the rest of my wants as well!

Here is a link for anyone going to Anime Boston that would like to do a little meetup! It is coming on soon and i'd like for us to start planning a spot and time to meet! :D A few months ago we talked about it and it seemed like so many people were so interested in doing it, and now it seems like a lot of people have disappeared... x.x If you're still interested, please join this event page i made! It would be so fun to meet our fellow members in the area!

Now, without further ado, Giveaway time! Zigzagoon/Linoone collectors, please click this cut to continue!

So, i went and bought myself multiple packs of Pokemon Hoenn Action Cards looking for a zig/noon card, and ended up with 3! Most of the action cards are in my sales post, but i reserved the 2 extra ziggy ones for this tiny giveaway! I really wanted these to go to my fellow collectors of the line, and not just anyone. That means there will be two winners! The winners will be determined by a random number generator(your number will be based on the order you commented in. Ex: The second person to comment for an entry will be number 2, the third will be number 3, etc). I'm willing to ship the cards internationally, so any zig collector is welcome to join! They will be shipped inside of an envelope in a card. (Extra christmas cards i have with little lab puppies on them... haha. xD )
All you have to do to enter is get your zig/linoone collection together for a photo, and post it here in the comments! Post your photo, and write why you chose to collect this little cutie!
Winners will be decided on 3/17/15 at 10am EST! You have until then to enter! This is exactly one week from now! :D
I will announce the two winners in a later post and message both of them! C:

Some of you may be wondering "What the butt is an action card???"

These are the two cards for the giveaway! The backside shows the whole line, and on the front side you can see both zigzagoon and linoone as you angle the card different ways! Really cool, right?? :D

Good Luck everyone! :D

cutenoon baby zig

My Spring Secret Swap Gift will be ready and shipped out tomorrow! I'm so excited! Watch out, mystery person! ;D

ヾ(●・◇・●)ノ Thank you for looking!! :D
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