tsukasa_kenji (tsukasa_kenji) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokémon Center tour (many pictures) + Mega Rayquaza plush

I went to the Pokémon Center in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) today.

I want to share with you, what is so far away and I know, we all want it.

It's just so...wow.

I hope these aren't too many pictures under the cut..I hope it's allowed. ><

Edit: Because the pictures are really small, I uploaded them on mediafire (don't worry, I don't have a virus ><)

So if you are interested, you can download them and watch them much more bigger.
DL size is around 638MB.

They still have some Pikachu with Charizards.

I will show you a LOT of plushies here.
Really many plushies.
Let's swim together with them.

The new movie.

Aww..aren't they cute?

Goomy stuff. *-*

So many key chains...

Please, I want all of these Groudon.

Oops. D:

I love Fennekin. <3

Those fantastic Pikachus. xD


Critical hit.

This is a REALLY big Charizard.

Okay, please don't get a heart attack by the following quantity of plushies.

We all love Mudkip!

Omg, so fluffy and big Meowstic.

Some pencil?

I want those Pikachu ears. D:

And soooo many socks...cute~

Fennekin hat.

I need them for my collection.

How can food be that cute?

End of the Pokémon Center...

But then..the capsule stations came. D:

Okay..and after this wonderful trip, of course I bought a little bit for me.

I got this mega Rayquaza a new home. :3

I got a place in my empty bedroom.

It will protect me now while sleeping, I hope to get no more nightmares. ^-^

And I couldn't resist by the sweets.

I got so many double Pikachu's and Goomy's, I want to sell them. ><


What do you think? ^-^

I hope you enjoyed my pictures.

I'm happy, that I was allowed to take so many pictures there.

Tags: collection update, pikachu, pokemon, pokemon center
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