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heeey everyone :DDD it's been awhile since i've posted woohoo. my mom bought this set of absolutely adorable pokemon magnets, but there ain't a pikachu one (i only collect pikastuff atm :D) so i've decided to organise an auction on the set as i'd rather they go to collectors than sit on my shelf rotting away. meanwhile, i've updated my SALES post too!

so here they are :D 8 lovely poke magnets! p.s. plusle & minun form a heart shaped gift when put together. SUPER ADORABLE :D

Auction Ends On: Friday, 31st October, 1400 GMT Extended to Sunday, 2nd November, 5 AM GMT
Each magnet will have a starting price of $3 each, and will have increments of $1 each time.

Plusle ($3) - _nofuturenohope
Minun ($3) - _nofuturenohope
Munchlax ($9) - iammyworld 
Jirachi ($4) - andyboyh 
Mew ($8) - nsoroma79
Lucario ($3) - penanna 
Lugia ($3) - chaosoftwilight
 Ho-oh ($3) - glacidea

Larger photos! :D

Larger scan of the slip that came with the magnets :D

Real-life photo of the magnets! My camera kind of stinks, so these photos don't do the magnets justice. They are even more adorable IRL. If you'd like close-ups of any magnet, feel free to ask me though, I'll try my best to borrow a better camera. :)
Tags: ho-oh, jirachi, lucario, lugia, mew, minun, munchlax, plusle, sales
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